FIGURE 2  Main Barriers of Internet Usage 
Taxation of Internet sales
Finding staff with e commerce
Cost of Internet access
Costs of e commerce site
Unsupportive business laws
Organizational changes
Face to face customer interaction
Privacy and security issues
Use as part of business strategy
Customers do not use the technology
Inadequate legal protection
Prevalence of credit card use
Source: CRITO Global E Commerce Survey, 2002; weighted by the total number of establishments. 
After the comparison of barriers among different industry sectors, as well as a comparison 
between Germany and the results of the global sample, the following figures provide a more 
detailed view of differences between SMEs and large establishments within the three industry 
sectors. The scale ranges from 1  not at all  to 5  very significant  obstacles. The impeding 
factors for SMEs and large establishments are not very different, but slight differences are still 
In the manufacturing industry, large firms consider the need for face to face interaction with 
customers more important than SMEs do (Figure 3). In this industry, trust seems to still be 
dependent on personal contacts. It might be possible that large establishments have to revise their 
opinion because SMEs do not seem to be as worried as large establishments might expect. On 
average, SMEs in the manufacturing industry are more optimistic than the overall average of all 
industries, while large establishments encounter more obstacles than the average. This holds also 
for making needed organizational changes to accommodate e commerce use, where large 
establishments expect more difficulties than SMEs do. 

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