FEMA put the updates on hold due to the need to shift resources to the 2004 
hurricane response and recovery activities.   
Further, the misalignment of DHS and FEMA strategic plans complicates 
efforts to link IT initiatives to overarching mission direction.  According to 
Paperwork Reduction Act
 and the supporting Office of Management and 
Budget Circular A 130
, each federal agency is required to develop an 
Information Resource Management Plan to demonstrate how IT management 
activities help accomplish an agency's mission.  The EP&R CIO 
accomplished an important step by implementing FEMA's first IT strategic 
plan for FY 2005.  However, the CIO's IT plan maps to FEMA's outdated 
strategic plan rather than to the more recent DHS strategic plan.  For example, 
the IT plan identifies six strategic management initiatives, which it aligns to 
the goals identified in the FEMA strategic plan; however, the initiatives do not 
align completely to goals and metrics identified in DHS level planning.  As a 
result, the initiatives defined by the CIO organization may not support the 
achievement of the response and recovery goals and metrics established by 
Performance Data Not Available from Systems 
Federal regulations, including the 
Paperwork Reduction Act
, require agencies 
to use information resources to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of 
their operations to fulfill their missions.  However, EP&R's IT systems do not 
provide the data needed to support the response and recovery metrics 
established by DHS effectively.  Some of the metrics are IT dependent, reliant 
upon automated systems to capture quantifiable information with which to 
measure performance in specific response and recovery activities.  Where IT 
systems do not provide the data for measuring performance, it is not possible 
successfully to measure progress toward the achievement of specific goals, 
and ultimately the agency's mission. 
Response Metrics 
With regard to disaster response, DHS' strategic plan identifies specific 
performance indicators, such as the time it takes to deploy personnel and 
assets to aid in a disaster.  In 2004 DHS allotted 72 hours for providing both 
 Public Law 104 13, May 22, 1995. 
 Circular A 130, 
Memorandum for Heads of Executive Departments and Establishments
 Management of Federal 
Information Resources
, Executive Office of the President, Office of Management and Budget, February 8, 1996. 
Emergency Preparedness and Response Could Better Integrate Information Technology  
with Incident Response and Recovery 
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