The FEMA website (, which was developed to share 
information on the internet with the public.   
The automation of grants management, which has been added to the 
NEMIS system. 
The development of a capital planning and investment control 
process, which provides guidance for investment in IT. 
The use of wireless technologies to improve mobile computing and 
communications support for FEMA operations. 
FEMA published its architecture in 2001, but has not fully updated it to reflect 
its integration into DHS.  FEMA is working to transition this paper based 
document to an electronic format so that it can be easily shared among DHS 
officials via the intranet.  The EP&R CIO established an Enterprise 
Architecture Office in 2003 and hired a Chief Enterprise Architect in 2004 to 
help further the progress of FEMA's enterprise architecture program.  The 
Enterprise Architecture Office has completed the  as is  portion of the 
enterprise architecture and has begun to use an electronic version to guide 
day to day operations.
  FEMA is currently working to develop the  to be  
portion of the enterprise architecture in line with the DHS enterprise 
   Without a defined  to be  environment, FEMA is unable to 
provide a comprehensive road map for its proposed IT initiatives.  These 
initiatives include NEMIS web enablement, which involves consolidation of 
some of the geographically dispersed servers, as well as a number of IFMIS 
improvements as defined in the system's 2006 business case. 
Additionally, without a complete, communicated,  to be  road map, FEMA 
may not be able to address how its initiatives support or integrate with DHS 
wide initiatives.  As FEMA works to update its enterprise architecture, it must 
also consider departmentwide initiatives, which may impact on its key 
response and recovery processes and systems. 
Centralization of NEMIS Servers 
Office of Management and Budget Circular A 130
 requires agencies to 
develop information systems to facilitate interoperability across networks of 
 An  as is  enterprise architecture details an organization s mission, organizational structure, business processes, 
information exchanges, software applications, and underlying technical infrastructure. 
 A  to be  enterprise architecture describes an organization s desired architecture for meeting strategic goals and future 
Emergency Preparedness and Response Could Better Integrate Information Technology  
with Incident Response and Recovery 
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