increased workloads during the 2004 hurricanes.  As previously stated, while 
we recognize that FEMA was able to get through the hurricanes, this 
accomplishment was not without significant IT and user problems.  Like the 
EP&R CIO, we acknowledge that much of the credit can be attributed to the 
efforts of IT and recovery staff who worked heroically during the hurricanes 
to sustain operations and register and assist disaster victims.  We also 
appreciate the EP&R CIO's challenges and lack of resources to carry out 
operations on a day to day basis.  However, as we recommend in our report, 
EP&R needs to place priority on gathering requirements and analyzing 
alternatives to determine the most appropriate technology needed to meet 
business needs. 
System Reporting:  Although the EP&R CIO stated that LIMS III provides 
substantial reporting capabilities, the cited section of our report discusses 
NEMIS and IFMIS challenges and does not mention LIMS III.  We have 
revised the topic sentence for the section to indicate reporting challenges with 
some, but not all, of FEMA's systems.  
Need for Updated NEMIS Requirements and Alternative Analysis:  The 
EP&R CIO affirms the responsibility of management at all levels to recognize 
and act on problems such as the need to update NEMIS requirements and 
conduct an alternatives analysis.  We look forward to the results of the EP&R 
CIO's efforts to solicit broad stakeholder involvement in the e NEMIS 
requirements definition process.  Additionally, we have revised our report to 
incorporate the EP&R CIO's acknowledgement of the need to integrate and 
update systems such as IFMIS and FEMA's deployment systems. 
Funding for NEMIS Upgrade:  In response to the EP&R CIO's comment, we 
have revised our report, deleting the statement that program offices were 
reluctant to fund development of an online registration capability for NEMIS. 
Emergency Preparedness and Response Could Better Integrate Information Technology  
with Incident Response and Recovery 
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