Appendix A 
Scope and Methodology 
As background for this audit, we researched and reviewed IT laws, 
regulations, and other federal guidance applicable to the EP&R directorate.  
We researched and reviewed prior OIG, Government Accountability Office, 
and other reports relating to EP&R IT to identify relevant findings and 
recommendations.  We also reviewed information available on the DHS and 
FEMA websites about disaster response and recovery initiatives. 
We met with EP&R management officials and staff to review the directorate's 
approach to responding to and recovering from terrorist attacks, major 
disasters, and other domestic emergencies.  These officials discussed EP&R's 
organization, roles, responsibilities, operations, and systems for response and 
recovery activities.  Additionally, these officials discussed EP&R's strategic 
planning process and provided copies of DHS, FEMA, and EP&R CIO 
strategic, performance, and operational plans.  We reviewed the plans to 
determine alignment of the various organizations' goals, objectives, and 
performance measures.  
We visited EP&R field offices and state government organizations to assess 
IT user guidance and support.   Emergency management officials, IT support 
staff, and system users at the following locations discussed the effectiveness 
of EP&R's guidance and processes for responding to and recovering from 
disaster incidents:   
EP&R Headquarters 
CIO officials and IT support staff 
Mt. Weather personnel 
Response Directorate officials 
Recovery Directorate officials 
FEMA Regions 
Region II New York, New York 
Region IV Atlanta, Georgia 
Region IX Oakland, California 
State Emergency Management Organizations 
New York Public Security Office and New York State Emergency 
Management Office Albany, New York 
State Office of Emergency Services Sacramento, California 
Georgia Emergency Management Agency Atlanta, Georgia 
Maryland Emergency Management Agency Reisterstown, Maryland 
State Homeland Security Offices Albany, New York 
Emergency Preparedness and Response Could Better Integrate Information Technology  
with Incident Response and Recovery 
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