Appendix A 
Scope and Methodology 
These officials, as well as representatives of the following organizations, 
helped us accomplish our objective of determining how effectively IT systems   
supported EP&R's response and recovery mission. 
National Processing Service Centers 
Hyattsville, Maryland  
Pasadena, California 
Disaster Field Offices 
Burlington, New Jersey 
Albany, New York 
Orlando, Florida 
Disaster Recovery Center 
Orlando, Florida 
Mobile Emergency Response Service 
Thomasville, Georgia 
These stakeholders told us about both existing and proposed EP&R systems as 
well as ad hoc systems they created to meet their needs.  Lastly, we met with 
officials from the 
 program to discuss EP&R's participation in this effort 
and to gain a better understanding of what the program will do for DHS.   
We limited our audit to EP&R's unclassified systems and processes related to the 
response and recovery mission, and did not focus on sensitive systems or 
information.  In addition, we did not test the data in the systems reviewed for 
accuracy and completeness.  Throughout the course of this audit, we provided 
monthly updates to the EP&R CIO on progress and discussed key issues 
identified by the stakeholders.   
We performed our work according to generally accepted government auditing 
standards.  The principal OIG points of contact for this audit are Frank Deffer, 
Assistant Inspector General, Information Technology Audits and Sondra 
McCauley, Director, Information Management Division.  Other major 
contributors are listed in Appendix C.  
Emergency Preparedness and Response Could Better Integrate Information Technology  
with Incident Response and Recovery 
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