Chapter 2. Getting and installing Debian GNU/Linux
Security updates serve one purpose: to supply a fix for a security vulnerability. They are not a
method for sneaking additional changes into the stable release without going through normal
point release procedure. Consequently, fixes for packages with security issues will not upgrade
the software. The Debian Security Team will backport the necessary fixes to the version of the
software distributed in `stable' instead.
For more information related to security support please read the Security FAQ (
) or the Debian Security Manual (
doc/manuals/securing debian howto/
2.3 Where/how can I get the Debian installation disks?
You can get the installation disks by downloading the appropriate files from one of the Debian
mirrors (
The installation system files are separated in subdirectories of
rectory, and the names of these subdirectories correspond to your architecture like this:
(arch is  i386 ,  sparc , etc, check the site for an exact list). In each of these ar 
chitecture subdirectories there can be several directories, each for a version of the installation
system, and the currently used one is in the `current' directory (that's a symbolic link).
See the
file in that directory for further instructions.
2.4 How do I install the Debian from CD ROMs?
Linux supports the ISO 9660 (CD ROM) file system with Rock Ridge extensions (formerly
known as  High Sierra ). Several vendors (
) pro 
vide Debian GNU/Linux in this format.
Warning: When installing from CD ROM, it is usually not a good idea to choose dselect's
access method. This method is usually very slow. The
for example, are much better for installing from CD ROM (see `dpkg mountable' on page
and `APT' on page
2.5 I have my own CD writer, are there CD images available some 
Yes. To make it easier for CD vendors to provide high quality disks, we provide the Official
CD images (

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