Chapter 12
Contributing to the Debian Project
Donations (
) of time (to develop new packages,
maintain existing packages, or provide user support), resources (to mirror the FTP and WWW
archives), and money (to pay for new testbeds as well as hardware for the archives) can help
the project.
12.1 How can I become a Debian software developer?
The development of Debian is open to all, and new users with the right skills and/or the
willingness to learn are needed to maintain existing packages which have been  orphaned  by
their previous maintainers, to develop new packages, and to provide user support.
The description of becoming a Debian developer can be found at the New Maintainer's Corner
) at the Debian web site.
12.2 How can I contribute resources to the Debian project?
Since the project aims to make a substantial body of software rapidly and easily accessible
throughout the globe, mirrors are urgently needed. It is desirable but not absolutely necessary
to mirror all of the archive. Please visit the Debian mirror size (
) page for information on the disk space requirements.
Most of the mirroring is accomplished entirely automatically by scripts, without any interac 
tion. However, the occasional glitch or system change occurs which requires human interven 
If you have a high speed connection to the Internet, the resources to mirror all or part of the
distribution, and are willing to take the time (or find someone) who can provide regular main 
tenance of the system, then please contact

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